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All you need is tea & cake... and gin!

The G & Tea Tale

G & Tea was happened upon quite by chance when lifelong friends Chrissy and Therese, who met in the 80s behind the bar at Heroes when perms were still a thing, walked past this beautiful, vacant building at 45 Friar Street and saw our chance.

Chrissy and Therese picnic

You see, we had always dreamed of running a tea room. Through our wilder years of all-nighters and waitressing; our not-so-wild years of marrying and raising babies (into proper grown-ups!); the years of keeping a friendship going across continents, running a business together and regularly meeting to put the world to rights over a gin - or tea & cake - it was something we always spoke of.

With our love for all things vintage, quintessentially British and the tradition of taking tea, our 30 years' experience in the hospitality trade, a passion for fresh, quality, locally sourced produce and the real need in Worcester for a 'proper' tea room - G & Tea just makes perfect sense.

Our lovely little tea room has been created by old friends as a place for friends - to meet, chat, eat, drink, laugh, celebrate, make and 'do'. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

Afternoon Tea: A history

A thoroughly proper affair steeped in tradition, afternoon tea is one of Britain's best-loved past-times.
Tea consumption has been popular in this country for centuries but afternoon tea became popular in the 7th century when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedforshire, complained of becoming hungry in the afternoon before dinner. Her solution was a pot of tea and a light snack - first alone and, later, joined by friends. Other esteemed ladies in society picked up on Anna's tradition and before long all of high society was taking afternoon tea.
As the tradition grew more popular, it became split into 'low' or 'high' afternoon tea. The upper classes would have a low afternoon tea around 4 o'clock, before their pre-dinner stroll, while middle classes would have a more substantial tea around 5 o'clock in place of their dinner.
The tradition has grown increasingly popular and elaborate, with the additions of plentiful cakes, scones and macaroons to every discerning afternoon tea tower. A proper afternoon tea is less of a daily occurrence now and more of a luxury, but a tradition that tourists travel for from the world over - and one we certainly hope will never fade.